April 27, 2017

A Second Opinion Could Save Your Life

By Best Doctors

A newstudy done by the Mayo Clinic has found nearly 9 out of 10 patients seeking a second opinion at Mayo go home witha different diagnosis—completely changing treatment plans and prognoses for some patients.

The study, led by researcher James Naessens, Sc. D. and team, analyzed the records of 286 patients who went to the Mayo Clinicfor a second opinion. They found the Mayo Clinic doctors gave 21 percent of patients an entirely different diagnosis,and another 66 percent of patients had their diagnoses refined.

This study isn’t the first of its kind to bring attention to major medical errors. In the last few years, diagnostic errorshave been brought into the spotlight in published studies. Johns Hopkins researchers reported they were the third leadingcause of the death in the U.S., and the National Academy of Medicine found nearly every person will experience at leastone diagnostic error.

The benefits of another look

Despite the advantages, second opinions can be daunting to many patients. Some of the common concerns people have about secondopinions are:

  • They will offend their doctors

  • It will take too long and delay treatment

  • They can’t afford to see another doctor and pay to redo testing

  • There isn’t another in-network doctor nearby

  • They don’t know enough about their condition to doubt their doctors

However, as Mark L. Graber, M.D. a senior fellow at the research institute RTI International and founder of the Society toImprove Diagnosis in Medicine, said in a Washington Post article, “Diagnosis is extremely hard. There are 10,000 diseasesand only 200 to 300 symptoms. Doctors are humans, and they make the same cognitive mistakes we all make. If you are givena serious diagnosis, or you’re not responding the way you should [to medication], a second opinion is a very good idea.Fresh eyes catch mistakes.”

A different kind of second opinion

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