May 18, 2017

Client Success Story: A Financial Services Firm

By Best Doctors

Learn how one of our clients used Best Doctors to improve outcomes, raise employee satisfaction and positively impactits bottom line.

With misdiagnosis rates being so high – everyone will likely experience at least one medical error, according to the NationalAcademy of Medicine – a large financial services firm knew it could save money and increase productivity by introducingan expert second opinion program. However, the client’s main goal was to do right by its employees and ensure diagnosticaccuracy, so they chose Best Doctors.

Best Doctors offers a wide array of services to help members with any health concerns or medical uncertainty. We can

  • Give members expert second opinions on diagnoses or treatments.

  • Assist members in finding family doctors or specialists.

  • Answer questions regarding diagnoses or treatments.

  • Collect and organize medical records.

  • Provide one-on-one coaching and online support to make treatment decisions.

The importance of member engagement

The client’s corporate culture puts a high value on wellness, all the way up to the CEO, who is very supportive of health-basedinitiatives. For a successful program, the client knew it had to raise awareness and encourage employees to use BestDoctors. They used a multi-channel strategy that included mail, online and workplace communications.

Most of the client’s staff work at computers, so electronic communication through emails, webinars and articles posted ontheir intranet was another easy and effective way to reach them. Direct mailing was also particularly effective, especiallyfor spouses and dependents that were also included in the program. The welcome mailing included an overview of the services,with other mailings following up throughout the year.

Another effective method of communication was directly through the workplace. Best Doctors provided talking points for managers,so they could explain the benefit clearly, correctly answer any questions employees might have and identify those whomight benefit from the service. The client also included Best Doctors prominently at health fairs.

Program results

The client’s benefits administrators had no idea to what extent employees would respond, but the results exceeded their expectations.By the end of the first quarter, more members had used the service than they anticipated for the first year.

In one year alone, Best Doctors made changes to 49% of diagnoses and 80% of treatments, achieving savings of more than $700,000for this client. Most importantly, however, these corrections gave members control of their health, helping them getthe answers they needed. The expert second opinion service had the greatest impact on conditions including musculoskeletaldisorders, gastrointestinal disorders, circulatory diseases and cancer.

“[The support from Best Doctors] was beyond our expectations; way above and beyond what we thought. It was easy; we had greatutilization. It was just a great service,” said the client’s principal for human resources.

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