October 16, 2017

Mission-Driven Success

By Peter McClennen

“It’s easy for a company to say that they operate based on a valuable mission, but how many companies actually do, and are then repeatedly recognized for it?”

What are the possibilities when a mission drives a company? It’s a question that all great brands must ask and prioritize. Over the past several months, Teladoc and Best Doctors have been committed to unifying our business in light of a shared mission – to provide a new and better healthcare experience. For some companies, an acquisition can be laden with major hurdles to growth, but when there is top down alignment, a focus on the mission, and a true passion to make it a reality, incredible results can be achieved.

At Teladoc, we’ve recently had the great fortune of receiving recognition in the U.S. and globally. What adds to the significance of this is the fact that the three awards we’ve been bestowed reinforce our values. I’ll forego listing our complete set of core principles that guide decision-making and daily execution, but I’ll offer that while standing up for what’s right; keeping our promises; leading with integrity, accountability and transparency; and striving to create value, we received recognition for these same principles.

It’s easy for a company to say that they operate based on a valuable mission, but how many companies actually do, and are then repeatedly recognized for it? Teladoc continues to innovate and lead in the virtual delivery of care because our products, services, hiring practices, acquisitions, development, and client care are all built around core values; and our teams around the world live out these values daily. Here’s a summary of the recognition we’ve recently received.

Frost & Sullivan – Company of the Year – Telehealth Services

In the US, Frost & Sullivan named Teladoc the “2017 Company of the Year” in telehealth services. Based on in-depth analysis of the industry, Teladoc bested its nearest competitors for its visionary innovation and performance, as well as customer impact. Being named the Company of the Year in our industry is a direct reflection of our passion to care for people, our commitment to quality, and our emphasis on delivering value. Without those core values, there is no innovation or impact.

“The company’s strategic and tactical actions are quite visible – a new dimension of service, coupled with a clear value proposition, makes it even more formidable,” wrote Frost & Sullivan in its detailed report. “Telehealth is by no means a simple market to tackle, but Frost & Sullivan believes that Teladoc is demonstrating the methodical, yet assertive way to achieve long-term success. With its strong overall performance, Teladoc has earned the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.”

The Silicon Review – 2017 Most Trustworthy Company of the Year

The Silicon Review, a major publication and thought leader in business and technology, named Teladoc to its list of “Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year – 2017.” This recognition is especially rewarding because it sheds light on Teladoc’s unwavering commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency. It’s not enough to create industry-defining services, we must do everything with the right motives and a clear understanding of the “right way” to lead. Teladoc stood out as one of only three health companies to make this prominent list which recognizes brands that demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and reliability.

COVER Magazine – 2017 Cover Excellence Awards – Best Added Value Service

COVER is the most prominent publication for the United Kingdom’s health insurance and protection markets. Each year, COVER invites only the premier names in the industry to an award ceremony honoring innovation and the highest standards of service. On October 4, Best Doctors was named the first ever recipient of the “Best Added Value Service.” It’s one thing to say, “We strive to create value,” but to be recognized for that very fact in a crowded marketplace demonstrates how seriously we take our commitment to providing our clients with unmatched value. The award speaks to the high quality services that Best Doctors offers in the UK and throughout Europe, but also demonstrates the quality of the wide global footprint that Teladoc and Best Doctors already have.

A global brand is only as powerful as its mission. For Teladoc with Best Doctors, that mission is driven by our millions of members who look to us to innovate in healthcare and achieve quality outcomes across the full continuum of care. Good organizations have a clear set of values. Great organizations live them out, and in rare cases, receive major accolades for doing just that.