Best Doctors Helps Injured Worker Win Prestigious Award for Overcoming Disability


BOSTON –– Best Doctors®, the global health company that brings together the best minds in medicine combined with cutting edge technology to help people get the right diagnosis and treatment plan, today announced that an injured worker helped by the Company was the recipient of the prestigious Comp Laude™ Award for Injured Worker Story of the Year, recognizing outstanding determination in overcoming a disability while being an inspiration to others. Issued by WorkCompCentral, the award shines a light on the transformative efforts of Best Doctors during a critical case that significantly changed the physical and emotional health of an injured worker.

The award-winning case involved the experiences of a severely injured employee of a large urban school system. The employee sustained a traumatic brain injury, facial fractures and severe chest and abdominal injuries in a motor vehicle accident while driving between schools as part of her job as a social worker. Safety National, the workers’ compensation excess insurance provider for the employer, referred the case to Best Doctors for assistance through the Catcare program, which specializes in the management of catastrophic work injuries.

Best Doctors, an expert clinical consultation provider, engaged a team of renowned experts specializing in Critical Care, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Trauma and Brain Injury Rehabilitation to oversee the employee’s treatment needs. The close collaboration of the expert physicians with the claims, treating teams, and employer allowed for life altering changes to be implemented in the employee’s care, reducing her stay in the ICU, limiting complications and assuring an aggressive management plan for her brain injury recovery was in place.

Best Doctors orchestrated regular conference calls with all stakeholders to review its experts’ recommendations and assure that the treatment plan remained on target for the employees’ optimal recovery. As a result of this dynamic collaboration, this wife and mother was able to transition to her home environment less than one year post accident and is currently functionally independent.

“Every day, our teams all over the world go to work to help solve the unsolvable in healthcare. For over twenty-five years, Best Doctors has been innovating to help ensure that difficult medical questions are answered and that the right diagnosis and treatment are delivered,” remarked Peter McClennen, CEO of Best Doctors, Inc. “This employee is beyond deserving of this award. It reminds us that our mission and process make a real difference in real lives.”

Mr. Kenneth Black, last year’s recipient of the award, who had a 13-year history of chronic back pain from a surgically-treated injury, was on-hand to present the award to this year’s recipient. Because of chronic pain and the medications he was receiving, he was unable to participate in many of the activities of daily life and spent most of his time lying in bed. Thanks to the help of the Best Doctors team, which works with the top 5% of physicians in over 450 specialties of medicine, Mr. Black just celebrated two years of opioid-free management of his chronic back pain.

The Comp Laude Awards recognize integrity and excellence in the workers’ compensation industry. Winners distinguish themselves by their service to the industry, their commitment to educating themselves on the complexities of the system and demonstrating leadership via quality and ethics in business. They are selected by a panel of judges made up of industry professionals with a proven history of workers’ comp knowledge and leadership.

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