Best Doctors to Showcase Leading Innovations at AHIP Expo 2017

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At America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Expo 2017, Best Doctors to lead the discussion on identifying and managing high-cost, high-complexity cases

BOSTON –– Best Doctors®, the global health company that solves the unsolvable in health care, will be showcasing some of its industry leading solutions for payers and providers at the 2017 AHIP Institute and Expo this week in Austin, Texas. As the conversation around identifying and managing high-cost, highly complex cases remains at the top of the industry’s agenda, Best Doctors will share some of its findings and results that have led to many of the nation’s most prominent payer and provider organizations choosing Best Doctors to help improve outcomes while lowering costs.

“When identifying and managing high-cost, highly complex patients, you have to work with multiple partners and bring both data and the experience of the providers that are taking care of the patients together to make true determinations,” stated John Bulger, DO, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Geisinger Health Plan. “Best doctors will help us to educate our providers at understanding cues and will help us run algorithms on our data to identify the patients who will most benefit from an expert second opinion.”

“The nation’s leading health plans and provider organizations continue to turn to Best Doctors to help ensure the highest quality of care while containing costs,” said Peter McClennen, CEO of Best Doctors, Inc. “For each of these organizations and their millions of members, Best Doctors serves as a valuable partner in the proactive fight to manage complex cases before incorrect diagnoses and unnecessary treatment plans lead to physical and emotional distress, as well as avoidable financial issues.”

Best Doctors works collaboratively with primary care physicians to manage these high-cost, high-complexity cases. Three key factors differentiate the solutions offered by Best Doctors.

  • Best Doctors possesses an operational culture of clinical excellence and rigor to solve each member’s challenge. Using the highest levels of medical intelligence, data synthesis, and clinical collaboration, Best Doctors is able to bridge gaps that often occur in highly complex cases.

  • Through its technology-enabled services, Best Doctors offers indisputable, validated and repeatable ROI. With its emphasis on proactive risk identification, the Company is able to help its partners identify and then manage potentially high-cost cases.

  • A 28-year history of driving health care change and developing relationships that mitigate data fragmentation, time constraints, bias-based incentives and barriers to data synthesis.

In its highly anticipated study rating population health management providers, KLAS Research rated Best Doctors among the highest ranked for its data tools, service and overall performance. In addition to its state-of-the-art analytics tools, Best Doctors is world-renowned for its ability to combat medical uncertainty and misdiagnosis. The company, which works with the top 5% of physicians in over 450 subspecialties of medicine, uses a unique process to bring together the brightest minds in medicine, cutting-edge technology and analytics to help members navigate increasingly complex health care systems around the world.

About Best Doctors, Inc.:Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, Best Doctors is a medical information services company that connects individuals facing difficult medical treatment decisions with the best doctors, ranked by impartial peer review in over 450 subspecialties of medicine, to review their diagnosis and treatment plans. Best Doctors has grown to over 40 million members worldwide utilizing access to the brightest minds in medicine, analytics and technology to deliver improved health outcomes while reducing costs. For further information, visit Best Doctors at

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