New Study from Teladoc Health Further Validates the Effectiveness of a Single, Integrated Care Experience

Latest clinical data confirms the impact and value of whole person care whether condition-specific programs are added individually or as a group

PURCHASE, NY, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC), the global leader in whole-person virtual care, today released new findings from a peer-reviewed study showing individual improvements in A1c, systolic blood pressure and weight, when enrolled in multiple chronic condition management programs over time. The move from point solutions to a single, integrated multi-condition experience can lead to stronger engagements as individuals are able to seamlessly manage all of their health care needs and improve their cardio metabolic outcomes.

For employers and health plans, these results validate the benefit of expanding access at any time from standalone chronic condition programs to multi-program participation including diabetes, hypertension or weight management. Individuals who engaged in 2, 3 or 4 programs saw additional improvements over those focused on a single condition.

Studies are conducted by Teladoc Health, and peer-reviewed on a regular basis to measure the efficacy and impact of the company’s programs, particularly for partners and clients. The newest results come on the heels of a study 1conducted last year demonstrating better health outcomes through the implementation of a single, integrated care experience, and while those individuals have greater improvement over the course of a 12-month period, the highlights of this study demonstrate significant clinical outcomes including:

  • Individuals participating only in a diabetes program with a self-reported A1c greater than 7% who then engaged with hypertension, weight management and mental health programs saw an additional reduction in A1c (0.44%).
  • Individuals with a blood pressure greater or equal to 130/80 participating only in a hypertension program saw an additional 6.8 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure when engaged in diabetes, weight management, and mental health programs.     
  • Individuals starting on the weight management program with a BMI greater or equal to 30 who then engaged in three programs, saw an additional 1.0% reduction in body weight.

“While more employers and plan sponsors today recognize the value of whole person care and are implementing integrated programs from the start, there are still many that seek to understand the effectiveness of these programs when added one by one and over time,” said Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella, Teladoc Health chief medical officer. “The clinical data gathered from this study proves it is never too late to add programs for greater health impact, and Teladoc Health can deliver improved outcomes regardless of the order of implementation.”

These findings underscore Teladoc Health’s commitment to deliver clinical outcomes and help members meet their health goals, which is further demonstrated by the company’s ability to provide performance guarantees that place full program fees at risk for improvements in key employee and member hypertension, diabetes, and weight management measures.

The complete study and findings will be presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine (, April 26-29 in-person in Phoenix.

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1 (Dzubur, E., Yu, J., James, R., Hoffman, J., & Shah, B. (2022, April). Effects of program enrollment in a digital multiple health behavior change intervention on clinical outcomes: a 12-month study. Annals of Behavioral Medicine (Vol. 56, No. Supp 1, pp. S481-S481).

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