Case Study

Labor union expands care offerings and improves accessibility to better meet the needs of members

Local 338, a chapter of the Retail, Wholesale, & Department Store Labor Union/United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (RWDSU/UFCW), partnered with Teladoc Health to enhance their healthcare benefits and provide accessible care to their diverse member population. Recognizing the high prevalence of diabetes and the lack of primary care physicians among their members, Local 338 expanded their virtual care offerings to include General Medical, Chronic Condition Management, Primary360, Behavioral Health, Dermatology, Nutrition, and Expert Medical Services. This comprehensive approach aimed to simplify healthcare and remove barriers for their members. By leveraging Teladoc Health's virtual care, Local 338 achieved significant savings while providing efficient and personalized healthcare experiences, resulting in positive feedback from members and high engagement rates. Their dedicated communications strategy and plans for future engagement demonstrate their commitment to improving quality of life for their union members.