Omnichannel Care Delivery: Integrated solutions from Teladoc Health and Microsoft

Omnichannel care delivery models assist healthcare organizations and clinicians by ensuring care is delivered at the right time and setting—whether virtual or in-person—across a unified system.

This webinar covers the ways hospitals and health systems are rethinking care delivery and administrative workflows to further strengthen communication and collaboration. Our panelists discuss the power and potential of the Teladoc Health's Solo virtual care platform—integrated with Microsoft Teams—to strengthen focus on high-quality care and deliver a better care experience.

Learning objectives:

  • How omnichannel care delivery helps retain patients and reach more people in the communities you serve

  • Insights into the challenges health systems experience on the journey to omnichannel care delivery

  • Why innovative health systems are deepening their omnichannel approach to care delivery

  • Why integrating Solo with Teams will deliver a seamless, unified experience by leveraging data, AI and machine learning