Redefining Remote Patient Monitoring

As the pandemic has exponentially accelerated the adoption of telehealth and heightened consumer expectations, health systems must now reimagine their role in virtual care. Remote patient monitoring represents a meaningful opportunity, but an organization’s strategy and mindset may dictate success or failure. Will your approach to remote patient monitoring further fragment care and disintermediate relationships with the consumer, or serve as the digital-first catalyst to transform the clinical and financial models through which care is delivered? 

In this presentation, hear from Bruce Brandes, Senior Vice President of Consumer Centered Virtual Care at Teladoc Health as he discusses how Teladoc Health is partnering with health systems to move beyond siloed applications of remote patient monitoring to a comprehensive, whole-person approach that consumers will need across their healthcare journey.  

Learning objectives: 

  • The five core, integrated use cases of remote patient monitoring across the continuum of care 

  • How to avoid a fragmented virtual care patient journey

  • The opportunity for health systems to earn their place in the “circle of trust” of the healthcare consumer amid a growing array of competitive threats.