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For employers around the world—from the largest enterprises to small businesses—Teladoc Health delivers integrated virtual care services for convenient access to high-quality healthcare. We help organizations drive adoption of virtual care to increase employee productivity, improve health outcomes, and control healthcare costs.



Taking a comprehensive approach to virtual care

As the paradigm for care shifts to reflect consumer expectations, more employers are turning to virtual care. In fact, the top initiative of a majority of employers is to expand implementation of virtual care services. Through a simple, integrated experience, Teladoc Health’s portfolio of high-quality virtual care services addresses a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, from simple to complex, making it easier for people to access the right kind of care and resolve their healthcare needs with confidence.


Accelerating adoption of virtual care

At Teladoc Health, we believe that member engagement is our responsibility. Accelerating the adoption of virtual care requires a consistent, proven member communications program that drives awareness, trial, and ongoing utilization. We collaborate with employers to customize member engagement programs to meet the needs of unique populations. In fact, Teladoc Health clients achieve 4x the utilization over industry average.


Increasing access to mental healthcare

Nearly 1 in 5 adults experiences mental illness in a given year and many lack access to care. For people with chronic conditions, the impact is significant: Healthcare costs for individuals with a mental health condition are 3x higher than for those without. In a recent survey, more than 73% of employers indicate they are investing in virtual behavioral healthcare to address these needs. Teladoc Health helps members get the care they need, on their terms, to achieve support and relief.

Doctor Analyzing Results

Expert advice for informed healthcare decisions

A key component of a comprehensive virtual care strategy is ensuring your employees can be confident they're getting the best medical advice about a diagnosis or treatment plan for a complex condition. Teladoc Health puts clinical quality and accuracy first when an evaluation is conducted by an expert specialist to give patients the peace of mind they need to move forward at an important time in their lives.


Florida Blue: First health plan to sign on for integrated Teladoc-Livongo platform

"Beyond the pandemic, the expectations of the consumer experience and care delivery will be forever changed." said Pat Geraghty, President and CEO, GuideWell and Florida Blue.


Taking action to improve employee mental health

Learn results from a new research study that reveal the true scale of mental health challenges in the workplace and how employers are taking action.


The value of an expert medical opinion

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