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Virtual nursing can increase efficiency and improve the patient experience

Hospitals and health systems are facing serious nurse staffing challenges. Virtual nursing offers new strategies to address the challenges in delivering inpatient care. Download this white paper to learn about the practice of inpatient virtual nursing, an overview of its benefits and emerging use cases and guidance on introducing the practice in a way that fosters adoption and acceptance among staff.

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Health Systems face significant challenges
89 days

Average time for a hospital to hire experienced RNs regardless of specialty1

2.1 million

Projected need for new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees by 20252


Average nursing vacancy rate in hospitals in 20211



Virtual Care Connections: The Expanding Role of Virtual Nursing in Healthcare

Listen to the Virtual Care Connections episode featuring virtual nursing expert Tammy Cress as she explores the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, what hospitals and health systems need to be considering in terms of virtual nursing and what lies ahead for the industry.

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Virtual Care Connections Podcast

Take a deeper dive into the future of virtual nursing

Hospitals and health systems are addressing nurse staffing challenges with inpatient virtual care. Learn about the value of integrating an in-person and virtual care hybrid model with virtual nursing and the impact it’s having on care delivery and staffing.

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Providence forges a new path with a virtual nursing unit
Learn how the health system has met with success so far, including upticks in nurse and patient satisfaction.
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Dr. Shayan Vyas

Can virtual nursing help ease clinician burnout?
As organizations look for ways to reduce the administrative burden on nurses and improve engagement and satisfaction, virtual nursing is one consideration.
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Inpatient virtual nursing unit

Standing up a virtual nursing unit
Learn how this scalable solution delivers value by increasing operational efficiencies, care team collaboration and patient satisfaction, while decreasing costs.
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Reimagine inpatient care through in-room telehealth
In-room telehealth supports care team collaboration and provides significant savings and better utilization of resources.
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On-demand education
Learn how one hospital system is combating the nursing shortage with virtual nursing. Watch a session recording from the 2022 Teladoc Health Forum.
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