Virtual Nursing Playbook

A guide to building a successful virtual nursing program

Launching a virtual nursing program can be a complex process. This interactive planning guide, created by Teladoc Health in conjunction with health system nursing leaders from around the U.S., outlines the key considerations for hospitals and health systems thinking about implementing a virtual nursing solution and taking the first steps toward transforming patient care delivery.

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Health systems face significant challenges

89 days

Average time for a hospital to hire experienced RNs regardless of specialty1

2.1 million

Projected need for new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees by 20252


Average nursing vacancy rate in hospitals in 20211

In their own words

Chief Digital Officer Debe Gash from St. Luke’s Kansas City describes how virtual nursing helps bedside nurses be more efficient and focus on taking on more patients.

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Chief Nursing Executive Theresa Trivette from Valley Health talks about how her organization is leveraging virtual nursing to meet community needs.

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Virtual Nursing is Flipping the Script on Nurse Retention

As the fastest-growing segment of virtual care and one of the top trends in overall care delivery, virtual nursing is flipping the script on the nurse staffing shortage. Our virtual nursing solution is addressing some of the biggest challenges facing hospitals and health systems today, leading to specific positive impacts, such as:

  • Lower nurse attrition and more effective recruiting
  • Higher job satisfaction for both virtual and bedside nurses
  • Improved coverage across hard-to-staff locations
  • And much more

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Virtual Nursing is Flipping the Script on Nurse Retention

Virtual Nursing Success Story

Saint Luke’s Health System addresses nursing shortages and transforms
patient care

Saint Luke’s Kansas City Health System partnered with Teladoc Health to launch a successful virtual nursing program that addressed nursing shortages and improved patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilizing in-room monitors for telehealth, clinicians provided virtual care while virtual nurses supported bedside nurses with non-hands-on tasks, resulting in improved patient and nurse satisfaction, enhanced care quality, increased efficiency, and a better work environment.

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Inpatient Care Solution

Virtual nursing can increase efficiency and improve the patient experience

With an estimated 60% of healthcare workers saying that their jobs negatively impact their mental health, it’s time to take action—for the sake of your staff members and the patients who depend on them.

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Workers in conference

Hospitals are looking for hard ROI in virtual nursing

Health systems across the country are launching telemedicine programs aimed at improving the nurse’s workload and increasing value and sustainability.

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Providence forges a new path with a virtual nursing unit

Learn how the health system has met with success so far, including upticks in nurse and patient satisfaction.

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Dr. Shayan Vyas

Can virtual nursing help ease clinician burnout?

As organizations look for ways to reduce the administrative burden on nurses and improve engagement and satisfaction, virtual nursing is one consideration.

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Reimagine inpatient care through in-room telehealth

In-room telehealth supports care team collaboration and provides significant savings and better utilization of resources.

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On-demand education

Inpatient virtual nursing is an example of how virtual care has expanded, and why it is valuable to have a flexible platform as organizations scale and expand.

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