March 18, 2016

3,000 Visits in a Single Day: What Really Counts

By Jason Gorevic, Chief Executive Officer

It’s always gratifying to see Teladoc cross new thresholds, and I was excited to see us reach yet another noteworthy metric last month, completing more than 3,000 telehealth visits in a single day. To put this into perspective, 3,000 e-visits is the equivalent of all ambulatory care patient visits in a typical day at a major U.S. medical center, or the total number of patients seen in one day by the country’s five largest hospital emergency departments combined. It’s a lot of visits.

But here’s a comparison that’s even more mind-blowing: Five years ago, Teladoc was completing 3,000 telemedicine visits per month. And keep in mind that we were then, as we are today, the market leader!

Another interesting way to think about 3,000 visits in a day is that it translates to one patient call every 10 seconds during peak times, which in turn results in a physician contact within seven to 10 minutes on average. The ability to care for more than 3,000 visits in a day is proof positive that Teladoc’s robust technology platform and operational infrastructure are engineered to handle any volume – while maintaining the highest standards of quality. The fact that we have the flexibility and scalability to accommodate ever-increasing volumes, while maintaining a 95-percent satisfaction rate, demonstrates our ability to sustain the high quality of care that is so central to our mission and brand.

Whatever the demand may be on any given day, our members are always at the center of everything we do. When I visited our Operations Center recently, I was struck by the energy and commitment of the team working there around the clock. Our member services staff work 24 hours a day in three shifts – just like a hospital – firing on all cylinders. And, like their hospital counterparts, they are deeply passionate about helping people. I am both humbled by their dedication and proud of their efforts.

Walking through the Operations Center also reminded me how Teladoc’s breadth and depth is unique in telemedicine today. We have everything under one roof for all the needs of all of our constituents – members, client organizations, payers, hospital systems and provider networks. And no one ever has to touch a single piece of paper. Our seamless, integrated processes mean that physicians are freed from paperwork, prescriptions are delivered electronically to neighborhood pharmacies for members, and myriad recording, scheduling and reporting functions are carried out efficiently. It’s a win for everyone.

When I see our organization so well equipped to manage this new volume of patient cases, I am awed by how fast and far we have come. We have the scalability, flexibility, clinical network and quality assurance to meet member demand now and in the future – and I look forward to crossing the new thresholds that lie ahead.