Hospitals & Health Systems

Telehealth devices*

Connect patients and care teams with devices that support point-of-care visits and clinical collaboration

Reliable, purpose-built technologies

Proactive monitoring and fleet maintenance ensures successful connections and virtual care delivery that works every time

Create a seamless virtual care experience

Intuitive technology for effortless adoption across many use cases and care environments

Simulate in-person consults

Our technologies put all the fundamental clinical capabilities your care team needs right at their fingertips

Virtual care that follows the patient journey

We offer a complete range of devices built to complement in-person care—including integrated diagnostic peripherals—to support patient care across locations

Lite & Lite with Boom Camera

Next-generation technology for high-acuity situations


A high-quality, compact virtual care device for excellent patient care

TV Pro & TV Pro One

Transform any HDMI-enabled TV into a virtual care device to affordably scale your programs


A scalable solution available on either a dedicated tablet or as downloadable software

*Use of the word "device(s)" refers to Teladoc Health telehealth products, not medical devices as defined in Section 201(h) of the FD&C Act.

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