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Primary Care

Provide easy access to a primary care team for addressing long-term healthcare needs, from annual exams to more complex care

Extend and simplify access

Remove common barriers that prevent people from experiencing primary care

Enable longitudinal care

Access to a dedicated care team allows for more coordinated, informed care

Support long-term health goals

Personalized action plans and consistent clinical follow-up leads to better outcomes and healthier lives

The impact of virtual care

20% of visits result in a referral to an in-network care provider
25% of encounters included a new diagnosis of diabetes
28% of encounters included a new diagnosis of hypertension
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Monitoring devices

Blood pressure cuffs, digital thermometers and other devices make it easier to share biometric data

Care coordination

Includes the ability to facilitate referrals to virtual care services or in-person, in-network care

Individualized care plans

Guidance to support a longitudinal relationship between a patient and their chosen primary care doctor

System interoperability

Integration with EMRs, such as adding notes from virtual visits to better coordinate care


Learn how we're transforming the healthcare experience

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Virtual solutions accelerate access to primary care for broad populations.

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Follow patient journeys to see how Primary360 makes it easy for members to engage with everything that primary care has to offer.

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A patient-centric approach

Primary Care puts people at the center of the care experience with a dedicated clinical team that flexes to their health needs and goals over time.

Choose a doctor People connect by app, web or phone to select their preferred doctor and schedule a visit
Have clinical exam The visit provides ample time to discuss health concerns and medical history; clinicians can order tests and make referrals as needed
Get a personalized action plan Clinician provides an action plan personalized to the individual's goals and coordinates care through follow-up visits

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