October 26, 2015

Teladoc reaches one million visits — thanks to you

By Jason Gorevic, Chief Executive Officer

Saturday, October 17 has become a significant day in the history of Teladoc and telehealth.

I’m proud to say, it was on this day that Teladoc crossed an industry milestone and became the first telehealth company to complete 1 million telehealth visits. An accomplishment of this magnitude would be impossible to achieve without our fantastic network of Teladoc customers, members, physicians and behavioral health professionals and employees. Thank you all for the part you have played, and for your contribution every day. Thanks, in particular, to our physicians for your commitment to improving the lives of our members, and to our clients for the confidence you place in us by entrusting the health of your employees to Teladoc and our excellent doctors.

For years, telehealth was more of promise than a reality. Today, I’m proud to say that we have made it a reality. For 13 years now, we have helped lead the transformation of telehealth and provided consumers with unmatched access to high quality health care. In fact, this year, Teladoc will deliver more than one visit per minute. We are able to accomplish this through three key factors unique to Teladoc:

  • Our commitment to the highest level of clinical quality

  • The scalability and sophistication of Teladoc’s technology platform

  • Implementation of communications strategies that engage consumers and drive utilization

We believe hitting this milestone has distinct benefits for our members and clients: we have amassed rich insights and data into who uses telehealth and why they use it. The benefit: by acting on the insights garnered from these data, we can maximize the value to our members and clients.

As I look at this milestone and the speed of adoption of telehealth, I can’t help noting that it took us approximately 10 years to amass our first 500,000 telehealth visits. Now, in this year alone, Teladoc physicians and behavioral health professionals will surpass 540,000 telehealth visits! This demonstrates that we are bringing real, tangible value to those we serve daily – our more than 12.5 million members and 4,000 clients. But we will not rest on this. This milestone raises the bar for us and what our clients and members expect from Teladoc and telehealth. As true leaders do, we will rise to the occasion in our relentless pursuit of better – to provide the highest quality of health care, new services and financial value.

While we’re excited about this accomplishment, we are more excited about the future of telehealth and thank the 1 million who put October 17 on Teladoc’s historic timeline – and you know who you are.

On behalf of the entire Teladoc team, thank you.