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Chronic Care

Empower the people you serve to reach their long-term health goals

Addressing common, high-cost conditions

Our programs include connected devices, behavior change tools, health coaching and personalized plans to drive sustained improvements in health and well-being

Diabetes solutions

Connected blood glucose meter, unlimited testing supplies and personalized content—including emergency outreach triggered by an out-of-range reading

Prediabetes solutions

Connected scale and evidence-based programs reduce the risk of high-cost health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension

Hypertension solutions

Our connected blood pressure monitor, plus personalized education, coaching and activities, drive improved blood pressure and medication adherence

Mental Health solutions

A stepped-care approach addresses all acuity levels and flexes according to an individual’s mental health needs over time, with access to licensed professionals and personalized digital programs

The impact of virtual care

>7% average HbA1c reduction1
10mmHg average systolic blood pressure reduction2
55% reduction in depression scores2
1Data on file (DS-3547)
2Data from 2019 S1


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Harris Health System doubles down on employee health

This large health system, which was ranked #2 in the 2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, supports its healthcare workers with personalized diabetes and hypertension programs.

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Case study

Baptist Health: a wholly different way to manage chronic conditions

Baptist Health offers a wide range of tools and support to empower its employees living with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management and mental health challenges—all through a single platform.

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Children’s Hospital Authority: Empowering healthier behavior, creating healthier communities

Through a strategic partnership with Teladoc Health, over 200 CHA member organizations can use a single platform to access our programs for managing diabetes, hypertension, diabetes prevention, weight management and mental health.

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Whole-person care doesn’t stop here

Check out our other solutions that may be relevant to the people you serve

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Continuing Care

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